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Ana Moore

City of College Station 

Parks and Recreation Department

Recreation Assistant 

Summer and Fall 2021

This job has provided me with experience and opportunities to work with many different kinds of people, foster relationships, and problem solve.  I have had the opportunity to speak with and work with both kids and adults.   I have enjoyed getting to answer questions and solve problems and just getting to know the families that I work with each week.


I have enjoyed watching the community participate in the activities available to them and watching the entire City of College Station department come together to host large-scale events, like sports tournaments and concerts. 

I have also had to make hard decisions and enlist the help of others. I have had to fix mechanical issues, field issues, and monitor relations between umpires and players. I have had to work with the police to solve problems and ensure safe environments for our patrons. 

I have also had fun and made lasting memories with my coworkers. 

The skills I have learned while working here have aided my life and made me more confident in working alone and making decisions, as well as speaking with others in the community. 

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